Refugee and New Immigrant Resettlement Support

The KAF Refugee and New Immigrant Support Services beneficiaries are the thousands of marginalized minority families in British Columbia who lack the necessary support during resettlement.

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Moving Beyond Emergency Food Distribution – In Programming, Strategic Planning, And Messaging.

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Food Insecurity

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Gender-Based Violence

In Metro-Vancouver, the City of Surrey is the fastest growing city and one of the significant resettlement centres for new immigrants to Canada.

In addition, Surrey receives new immigrants and refugees worldwide, especially from countries experiencing wars, political unrest, and natural disasters.

The I.R.R.C. does a great job of helping these new immigrants resettle in different cities and municipalities in British Columbia.

However, after a year, the various supports offered by various Refugee Resettlement organizations and related agencies often wind down. As a result, the new immigrant families and refugees are left to figure out how to survive with minimal support.

Kingdom Acts Foundation bridges this gap by providing continuous support services within each immigrant family’s cultural context.

Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF) already has a database of more than 2000 minority families, including youths who depend on KAF’s various social support and capacity-building services to assist the new immigrants during the resettlement period.

New Immigrant Youths and Refugees from Asia and Africa are targets of drug pimps and other vices because of the lack of role models and comprehensive social support systems within these minority communities.

Kingdom Acts Foundation is a minority-led organization that primarily serves the BIPOC marginalized communities within British Columbia and Canada.

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