We Deliver Programs That Foster Change

KAF offers multifaceted programs focused on capacity building and meeting the needs of BIPOC, New Immigrants and Refugees communities.

KAF Mandate

Programs for BIPOC, New Immigrants & Refugees Communities

Addressing issues affecting BIPOC Groups

Unemployment, housing, mental health, food insecurity, and systemic barriers to accessing social services in BIPOC minority communities.

Creating Efficient Resettlement Processes

We offer services for new immigrant resettlement processes for more significant socio-economic opportunities.

Addressing Issues Through Culturally Appropriate lenses

Tackling multifaceted problems from an intersectoral and culturally appropriate lens recognizing the intersectionality of these inequities.

Creating Socio-Economic Opportunities

To Bridge the gap caused by social-economic inequities and empower the BIPOC communities to thrive and flourish.

kingdom acts foundation about us

About KAF

Empowering BIPOC Communities

Our goal is to create sustainable change by empowering individuals with the resources they need.

We focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! – Bringing the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of colour) Communities Closer to Mainstream Social Services Delivery and Programming!

The marginalized and racialized BIPOC minority communities struggle under the heavy burden of unemployment, under-employment, housing challenges, mental health problems, food insecurity, and systemic barriers to accessing social services.

Our Impact

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Counselling Sessions
Families Supported
Youth Participants
Youth Participants

Multi-Service Social Impact Programs

KAF is a social purpose not-for-profit organisation that operates across Canada with head office in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. KAF offers multifaceted programs focused on capacity building and meeting the needs of our communities.

Learn More About Our Programs and Services

Learn More About Our Programs and Services

Minister Ahmed Hussen On Kingdom Acts Foundation

“You’re building a community; you’re really providing so much back to the community, counselling services, and all kinds of supportive services. We rely on organisations like yours…”

Minister Ahmed Hussen

The Honourable Minister of Families, Children and Social Development

Hon. Randeep Sarai On Kingdom Acts Foundation

“Sometimes it’s just breaking the ice in the beginning too, to know that there are opportunities, you break that first barrier of employment…”

Hon. Randeep Sarai

Honourable MP, Surrey Centre

Upcoming Events

seniors support
Seniors Information Session
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new immigrant
New Immigrants Resettlement Workshop
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skills training
Skills Training Workshop
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Ways To Support KAF

Our Partners

We partner with government and many social agencies

Africa Centre
Canadian Women's Foundation
Black Business Initiative
Surrey Cares
British Columbia
Government of Canada
Food Mesh
Second Harvest
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