We’re thrilled to share the success of Session 3 of our Youth Leadership Workshop series, titled “BECOMING A CHAMPION – YOUTH ATHLETICISM AND LEADERSHIP!” This unique session took an exciting turn with a youth-led presentation and an engaging Q&A session featuring the remarkable Divine Aniamaka, Canadian National Triple Jump Champion and a full-scholarship student-athlete in the US.


  • Divine shared his journey, emphasizing discipline, perseverance, and the power of setting high goals.
  • He underscored how the principles of athleticism apply to leadership, highlighting resilience, teamwork, and strategic planning.
  • Attendees were inspired by Divine’s dedication and success, particularly as he reflects the diversity and potential within their own communities.

🤝 IMPACTFUL INTERACTION: The session provided a unique platform for BIPOC youth to see themselves in the stories of accomplished athletes like Divine. The attendees left the session buzzing with motivation, having learned that leadership comes in many forms, and that their dreams, athletic or otherwise, are valid and achievable.

🚀 LOOKING FORWARD: This session has set a new benchmark for how we visualize leadership and success. It’s a reminder that leadership is not just about titles but about action, dedication, and the ability to inspire and uplift others.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Divine Aniamaka for sharing his time and wisdom with us. His story is a beacon of inspiration for young leaders, showing that with hard work and dedication, becoming a champion in any field is within reach.

💡 JOIN US & MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Your support can help us continue to offer these transformative sessions. By investing in the Kingdom Acts Foundation, you’re investing in the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s empower our youth to chase their dreams and become champions in leadership and life.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Youth Leadership Workshop series. Together, we’re building a future of empowered, diverse leaders!

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