A Systems Change Programming to Support New Immigrants and BIPOC Communities

Purposeful parenting is characterized by setting clear goals and intentions for raising children and actively working towards achieving those goals. It involves taking a deliberate approach to parenting rather than simply reacting to situations as they arise. This may include setting boundaries, providing guidance and support, and fostering independence and self-sufficiency in children. Purposeful parenting can also involve creating a positive and nurturing environment for children and teaching them essential life skills and values. Furthermore, it t is an approach that emphasizes children’s long-term development and well-being rather than just focusing on immediate needs and wants.


  • Improved child development and well-being
  • Stronger parent-child relationship
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence in children
  • Better communication and problem-solving skills in children
  • Enhanced ability to handle stress and difficult situations in children
  • Greater likelihood of children achieving their goals and reaching their potential
  • Reduced risk of behavioural and emotional problems in children.


Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF) hosts a Purposeful Parenting Program several times a year to support new young immigrant BIPOC families to equip them with the skills required to raise successful children in a predominantly western cultural environment. The program includes strategic sessions, training on communication, conflict resolution, understanding children’s temperaments, close monitoring of online activities, the importance of extra-curricular activities and the dangers of negative peer pressures. Other relevant topics discussed include cross-cultural dynamics, bullying, and discrimination in school and public environments.

Parents from the BIPOC communities are encouraged to contact KAF Team and register to attend any of the Purposeful Parenting Programs. KAF Team also delivers several gift items to participating parents, such as brand new clothing, shoes, baby foods, kids’ foods, household items and many other helpful items.

To register for the next Purposeful Parenting Program, click the link below


For more information, please reach out to contact@kingdomacts.ca.

Thanks to Vancouver Foundation for sponsoring this Systems Change Implementation Project.

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